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2009 Racing Photos

Heritage Regatta 8-22-2009

TAYC 08-21-2009    Oxford Regatta 2009    tayc_090814_0122TAYC Ladies 08-14-09

2007 Racing Photos

O.A.R.S. 07-29-07   O.A.R.S. Ladies 08-03-07     Jr. Regatta 08-07-07   

Oxford Regatta-Fri.    Oxford Regatta Sat./Sun.


Racing Photos -- Log Canoes, Stars, OARS, Eastern Shore Regattas


O.A.R.S. 07-28-06   Governor's Cup 2006 


Oxford Regatta 2006   Heritage Regatta 2006    O.A.R.S. 09/08/2006


MRYC Logs 09/09/2006   MRYC Logs 09/16/06


Shields 09/30/06   Stars Fall Windup




NASS/Hammond 09-17/18-2005   O.A.R.S. 09-09-2005   O.A.R.S. Final Race

Heritage Regatta 2005   Oxford Regatta Log Canoes 2005   Oxford Regatta Stars 2005


Oxford Regatta Friday Race      Star Districts Oxford 2005    OARS 2005



Log Canoes 2003   Stars 2003


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