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You have a busy practice and you need software that is easy to use and works to make your job easier. DB has been writing software that helps practitioners run a more profitable business for over 35 years. And we are Stage II Certified for Electronic Health Records (EHR). Learn more about being more productive our easy-to-use software »

Epic support

Our experienced support team provides complete installation, training, and support services that are second to none. In less time than it takes to dial the phone, our highly trained support team can access your computer, solve issues and answer your questions efficiently and accurately. Learn more about our epic support »

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Understanding what you are trying to accomplish in your clinic helps us to help you. That's why we offer a live, one-on-one demonstration. Who knows . . . you might learn something new as one of our experts shows you our latest innovations in managing a modern practice. Schedule a demo »

Software products that save Doctors time and money

Practice Management Software

For the life of your practice

We know you love what you do —you’re passionate about healing your patients and bringing them closer to their wellness goals.

And we also know it’s tough running a successful and profitable practice.

You’re pressed on all sides. From appointment scheduling to client billing to line item accounting.

The last thing you need is a practice management software that has bugs, or that is too complicated for your office staff to use easily and efficiently.

“[Your system] has made my life easier at work in many ways.”
Deborah Ramsey at Deborah Ramsey, DC

That’s why we’ve spent the last 30 years perfecting our practice management software for chiropractors. It integrates patient scheduling, line item accounting and patient billing, all in a modern, beautifully designed, intuitive software. We’re enthusiastically committed to helping you do the work you love — more easily than you imagined possible, so your practice can thrive.

We solve your biggest practice management headaches

Our entire team at DBC understands that your practice simply can’t run without a rock-solid practice management software that your staff understands and that is flexible and customizable. And our practice management software is bug-free. That’s no accident: Our company has been dedicated to helping offices for our entire history. We truly understand the needs of offices like yours, because we have been refining our solutions for over 30 years!

And we don’t anticipate that you’ll have any trouble using our software. But each office is unique, so just in case complications do arise:…

We offer EPIC support

The level of support we offer is, hands down, the highest imaginable. Because as your industry adapts and changes, and if and when something does need to be sorted out, we’re here for you. When you’ve got a critical and time-sensitive problem, your business can’t survive long customer service wait times. Or phone calls to tech support that don’t get returned. So when you become our client, we make a promise to return your call that same day. Our clients know how dedicated we are. (It’s the reason most of our clients have stayed with us for more than 10 years.)

Our software is ICD10 certified. When major changes like this happen in the industry, we’ve got your back. All of our codes are up-to-date, so you don’t need to worry.

Modern and easy-to-use Health Care Software

Of course these days you also need electronic health records software.

DBC also offers proven EHR software created specifically for chiropractors. And it’s designed to operate seamlessly with our practice management software. It’s an all-in-one solution designed to make your office run smoothly, for the life of your practice.

“I feel comfortable recommending this EMR software to anyone…. [It's] so nice to go home after a long day at the clinic knowing that my notes are complete.”
Bradley Chicoine at Bradley Chicoine, DC

You can choose our All in One Software Package—a self-contained, all-encompassing solution that addresses all aspects of your practice, from billing to Stage II Certified EHR, from scheduling with reminders in an encrypted format to automatic payments entry, and much more.

“The longer we use the software, the more we love it. We have gone through audits and didn't even sweat it. Love this program and it just gets better. We will soon be updating our billing software to combine with the EHR part of it, as DB Consultants and Quick Charts become one. Can't wait.”Doreen Buelt , office manager at Buelt Chiropractic

You can choose our practice management system as a stand-alone product, or Quick Charts, or really streamline by using both together, our All in One System, ASPC Complete.

(Whichever you pick, all that your patients will notice is that they’re getting closer and closer to achieving their wellness objectives—thanks to you.)

The last system you’ll ever have to purchase

We’re convinced you’re going to love using our practice management software, and we’d love to talk to you about how it will streamline your practice. Please call us at (610) 820-0440 or request a demo on our contact page for a no-obligation demonstration today.

New Features for a New Year

Posted by Russ Thompson
We have been busy designing and implementing new features in the popular Practice Management System (aka “AS/PC Complete PM”). These latest features are far from trivial and can be downright transformational for some practices. The most significant and most important feature for any practice is called “Batch Eligibility Check”. Batch Eligibility Check – ...READ MORE »

The longer we use the software, the more we love it. We have gone through audits and didn't even sweat it. Love this program and it just gets better. We will soon be updating our billing software to combine with the EHR part of it, as DB Consultants and Quick Charts become one. Can't wait.

— Doreen Buelt , office manager at Buelt Chiropractic